About us

There are hundreds of Aboriginal organisations across the NT delivering essential services, running enterprises and employing thousands of Aboriginal people. They foster local economies, self-reliance and self-determination. They are the heart and soul of remote NT communities and are vital to reducing Indigenous disadvantage.

This Program was developed to build strength and resilience in NT Aboriginal organisations. It is based on recommendations from APONT's Strong Aboriginal Governance Summit held in Tennant Creek in April 2013. Over 300 Aboriginal people from across the NT attended this event. Their strong message was that Aboriginal organisations need ongoing governance and management support.

How we work

The AGMP has a strengths-based, collaborative, action-research approach, meaning it:

  • Works with NT Aboriginal organisations to build on their strengths, without ignoring their limitations
  • Works closely with other agencies for collective positive impact
  • Assists Aboriginal organisations while learning about their governance and management strengths, structures, challenges, needs and successes
AGMP Poster

Where we work

The AGMP is Territory-wide, with a focus on remote community organisations.

Who we work with

We work with NT Aboriginal organisations incorporated under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) or CATSI Act 2006, the Corporations Act 2001, the NT Associations Act 2003, and unincorporated NT Aboriginal organisations and groups.