Strong governance and management of Aboriginal organisations underpins Aboriginal community well-being, supporting services and jobs for many Aboriginal people.

Successful organisations drive sustainable Aboriginal community and economic development.

The APONT Aboriginal Governance and Management Program strengthens Aboriginal organisations according to their self-determined needs.

“Governance is not just a matter of service delivery, or organisational compliance, or management. It is about the self-determining ability and authority of clans, nations and communities to govern: to decide what you want for your future, to implement your own initiatives, and take responsibility for your decisions and actions.”

- David Ross, Central Land Council

“Good governance and increased workforce are definitely related. We’re about an $18-20 million organisation, providing clinical services to around 4,500 people. We employ about 80 Aboriginal people, from Aboriginal health practitioners to community workers, to administration, human resources, and healthy lifestyle programs.”

- Eddie Mulholland, Miwatj Health

“Being confident doesn't mean you have to be the loudest person, it means you are comfortable with who you are and what you do or say.”

- Telita Braun, Tennant Creek Youth Leadership Group

“Strong leadership needs to start with directors. We need to be there to represent the whole community. Strong leadership starts with us. A strong board means committed directors that are there at every meeting. If we need to do business then we need to do it seriously.”

- May Rosas, Wurli Wurlinjang Health Service

“We have to park past disagreements, leave them behind. Talk good way, respectful and with a united voice. That’s what it’s all about.”

- John Paterson, AMSANT

“We represent communities, not just families. We make fair rules that are the same for everyone.”

- Kate Lawrence, Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

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