Telstra responds to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

News 3 Apr 20

Telstra_payphone_remote.PNG#asset:709Many remote communities rely of payphones to stay connected. Photographer: Jack Atley/Bloomberg Source:

Staying connected is vital in order for us to work together to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, as communities are locked down and people isolate and practice social distancing measures, staying connected via mobile and internet services is critically important.

To keep people connected during the COVID-19 pandemic, Telstra has now made more than 573 payphones in remote communities free to use. Free payphones will now display the message “Free Calls from Telstra” on the screen. 

Telstra will also pause all late payment fees and disconnections for its customers until at least the end of April 2020. This may be extended.

Many communities asked for this support, recognising how important it is to stay connected to family, health services and information during this time. 

When using payphones and other shared resources, make sure to keep practicing social distancing and good hygiene. Where possible, wash your hands before and after use, wipe down the payphone handset, and maintain 1.5 metres distance from others in line to use the service.

The free payphones and paused late payment fess are part of a broad range of initiatives Telstra announced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Others include adding staff numbers to Telstra call centres to better service customers and more capital infrastructure to increase network capacity and create jobs. You can read more about Telstra’s response here.

Other telecommunications providers have also made new support available at this time, including extra data and assistance with financial hardship. Read more about your own provider’s response to COVID-19 at their website, or via the following links: